Latest Sunday Suspense | 12th May, 2019 | Rhyme - Sayak Aman

Latest Sunday Suspense | 12th May 2019 | Rhyme - Sayak Aman:

A car stops on a deserted road after the driver hits a little girl by accident. But when he gets off the car to check, the girl has vanished, and the car won't move.

Latest Sunday Suspense Mirchi 98.3 presents Sayak Aman's 'Rhyme' on Sunday Suspense!

Broadcast Date: 12th May 2019
Introduction - Deep
Narrator - Mir
Abhijit - Somak
Bhumi/Ghost - Ayantika
Papri/Ghost - Srijoni Mukhopadhyay
Episode Direction: Godhuli

Background music and special effects: Subhadeep

Our thanks to Patralekha Mukhoapdhyay for her support.

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